ok so im trying to get better at singing and i realized i sing can you see me by hendrix pretty good. im mainly focusing on acoustic right now so i can practice singing, but im wondering from you guys what are some songs that are easy to sing and play at the same time as well as work on singing too...

(this might be in the wrong spot, i didnt wnat to put it in the pit cuz i would get flamed)
Songbird by Oasis. Knockin on Heaven's Door by Bob Dylan. Heart of Gold by Neil Young. I could go on...
Try some Bob Dylan and Oasis songs, the chords tend to be simple and it's a good way to get started. The first song I ever learnt to sing and play at the same time was 'Wonderwall'
home-daughtry, country boy can survive-hank williams jr., a lot of johnny cash's songs
LOL i never sing and play but i can play and sing America **** yeah from the movie Team America world police . I learned it just goofing around because it more or less comedy but then i realized i can sing it and play. Try that one.