Hi everyone, I did a search, and mostly the threads seem to be about "which fx pedal should i buy?" and well, this one is about "i have an fx pedal, and no idea how to use it"

uh yes, that sounds really green... but anyways i was lucky enough to get an FX pedal for my birthday, a 'toneworks korg AX5B modeling signal processor for bass' and after reading the manual a couple of times, mucking around with it etc etc, i've still got no clue how to use it properly. I've never played with a pedal before.
I dont know how to make it give fuzzy sounds, distorted sounds, synth sounds, anything! If someone could run through the basics, how *most* pedals work, or even how to operate this specific one, that'd be awesome.

Cheers guys!
if you read the manual a few times and still dont get it, you need to spend more time reading. they arnt that hard to use.
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if you read the manual a few times and still dont get it, you need to spend more time reading. they arnt that hard to use.

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It is real easy, for most single-pedal effects, put the lead from your bass into input, the lead from the amp into the output, and press the footswitch down until it clicks. Mess around with the knobs to change your sound. Some effects have more than one pedal, with each pedal performing a different version of the main effect, or allowing more control of the main effect. Most multi effects processers just have extra knobs and a few extra pedals.
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Cheers for the kind words Guitarfreak and wablah.

Kranos, thx for the help!
Its got like one big pedal and two tiny ones, plus a whole bunch of knobs and dials like u said, and i can figure out how to use the preset programs. thats all fine cos theres a list in the manual of what each preset sound is meant to be and what the big pedal changes for each program.
However theres like a whole bunch of edit-able programs, so i've been trying to figure out how to set them to make the sounds i like...to no avail. Any idea how to make that kinda fuzzy synthy sound that the guy in muse uses for the song hysteria?
the dial should tell you what fx line you are on, the the number, which you move up or down should be the effect. Then you can also adjust levels etc. The manual was a bit vague, after playing around for a while, it becomes a bit easier
the big pedal is an expression pedal. It is for use with thw wah wah and things like that. I have the model previous which is the same but without the exp pedal built on. If you turn the silver dial to pre fx, and use the small pedals up or down, you can get the fx on that line.
If you turn the dial to drive/amp, and put it on d1 you get fat distortion, if you put it tod4 you get fuzz, etc. Then flicking it to parameter, it sets the levels, etc. then if you turn it to program, anf press write, i think, it will save that setting. It will go to the pre programmed numbers and you chose 1- 88 i think it is. I can't remember cos i set all my sounds up a few months ago.It will come to you in good trime, keep smashing buttons.
yay! thanx salemboicot, i managed to get the fuzz thing happening and now im mucking around with that, sounds great, thx!