so i have this ibanez rg body. and i came up with the idea of covering it with like different news paper articles. anyone have any suggestions how to do this and make it look good?
You can probably just paint the articles with glue that dries clear. I would suggest putting some sort of thick clear coat over it to protect the paper and make it feel nicer.

Are you going to choose the articles? If it was up to me I would get headlines about historic events from public records' microfilm and somehow get it printed onto newsprint.
wow i wanted to do that same thing to my acoustic along time ago just never go to it
i cant wait to see more. if it works out good for you i may try it out myself
i want to cover a guitar in porno cut outs.

gay porn ofcourse.

i think decoupage will win you this one, clear glue. then a HEAVY clear coat and a whole **** of alot of finish sanding with a big flat block.
haha its funny i was just checking out one of your builds haha i'm kind of a noob so i don't know what decoupage means. explain?