I've seen a lot of threads about great guitar players, but somehow nobody ever mentions Paco de Lucia. Need proof of his awesomeness? Here you go:

Paco de Lucia- Almoraima

Am I the only one who thinks he doesn't get his due as one of the best guitar players ever?
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yeah he's one of the greatest guitar players of all time, but I don't think flamenco is very big on this board.
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yeah is is pretty awesome, but as mentioned, not to many people are into that style
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Almost everyone on this forum is into metal so not many people are into him. But yeah he is one of the best ever.
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I've heard his named mentioned many times. especially when talking about Jazz and Pat Metheny.

But yeah, almost everyone here play electric guitar, a-guitar players are naturally not as well-known or revered.
Wow thanks for introducing me to this guy.
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He is cool, he looks like a mixture of the vocalist in Sweet and Reverend Horton Heat.
Yeah, Paco De Lucia is amazing.
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I only know him from the Life Aquatic soundtrack. That one song is pretty badass though.
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I'm spanish, so I've known about him for just about ever. Also check out "Entre Dos Aguas" which is just fantastic.

I also saw him play live last year. It was at a venue where you could see the screen from outside the fences. So we just hung out outside and drank and watched him play. It was amazing. He was playing with a bassist who had a 6-string bass and at one point in time this guy started to play the bass in the flamenco style, just as if it were a flamenco guitar. It was ridiculous.