Hi, I got these very rough lyrics for my band. A song dealing with someone who's missed out on things throughout life and has realised it near the "end."

Working title is "Missing Out"...new name suggestions are appreciated

-This song has a steady but nice beat of bar chords (electric) filled with (acoustic) guitar bridges.

Intro (acoustic chords plus electric guitar buildup)

Main riff played once

Verse 1 - Throughout my life, I've come to realise, I've been missing out

Main riff once

Verse 2 - Will you..help me..understand it all

Main riff once

Verse 3-I...........know, it's...........a lot to ask for

Main riff once

acoustic bridge-

chorus- Help me to realise the meaning of it all....Help me to fulfill what I've been missing out

Main riff once

Verse 4 - I've come to to realise.. you've been what's most important.

main riff once

verse 5 - not sure what to put here.....

main riff once -

acoustic bridge


main riff breakdown - end.


Please help edit this, I'll take all critique, good and bad. Please, especially make the verse a bit longer and the chorus catchier.
verse one- throughout my life(2-3second pause maybe) i've come to realize(same thing here) i've been missing out on all the things that really mattered
verse two-will you....help me...understand what i need(pause)(whispered) to live
verse three- I know it's so much to ask for, but please.............for me
chorus- help me to realize why this is the end, help me learn not to pretend
help me to realize why i must die help me to realize(woah)

without knowing what the music sounds like this is hard to figure out but thats what i got

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