would you suggest for a sound in between heavy and in your face.
(I just tried some Ernie Balls but, they definitely aren't for me.)
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Rotosound Swing Bass 66. Others will agree with me.

thank you
Try some Elites.

Although I would say that your bass and eq has a far greater effect on your punch and power, but whatever.
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GHS or D'Addario
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I also use Roto Swing 66's.

I bought the heavier gauge to make it a pit easier to play faster, I neglected to remember its a bit harder on the fretting hand though :P .
rotos. they make me happy.
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hey i've also been looking at roto's and i was wondering whether they are all tapered at the end?
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Rotosound Swing Bass 66. Others will agree with me.

i pledge my agreement to you
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Ernie Ball Bass strings are my favorite, but I guess they werent for you. After that I guess I would go with either Thomastik Infelds or Elixirs.
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Swing 66 or Elites Stadiums, there both very decent strings I like them both equally

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Rotosound Swing Bass 66. Others will agree with me.

I would be a member of others. While more expensive than some, they last longer. Wonderful sound.
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Really? They're quite a bit more than Ernie Balls for me and a little bit more than D'Addario.

Whoops, my bad. They are a bit more expensive than D'Addarios. But they cost me the same as Ernie Balls. I either buy from MF or Ebay. On Ebay there is some money to be saved, but if I'm buying other stuff like patch cables and whatnot, I go with MF.
Correction, if only MF shipped more stuff to Canada and in Quebec.
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If only MF shipped more than a pittance of stuff to Canada I'd be rolling in the dough. Even eBay usually saves me nothing when you add shipping.

Thats what you get with your ****ing dollar and all that. There are no sites in Canada?

I am also going to vouch for Rotosound Swing 66 strings.
Today i put a year old set of these on my jazz and they where still brighter than the stock fender strings which i have been using for a few weeks. Mind you i have boiled them, but this was a while back now.

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Honestly, buy Rotosounds and never look back. Most people eventually end up turing over to Rotosounds at some point and sticking with them. They've been in the business the longest, and they really do make the best, longest lasting string. I've tried fender strings and 2 sets of each: Ernieball hybrids, DR hi-beams, and D'addario's. Roto's stay sounding good for the longest amount of time BY FAR.

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