I figured since this is the songwriting techniques section this could go here...

I'm looking for more out of the ordinary song structures; rather than the usual verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus we've all heard so many times before. I mean, I've used/seen the verse-chorus-verse-bridge-verse-chorus, verse-verse-chorus-verse-chorus, etc.... but I want more different ones.. I dunno.

So, any ideas?
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Chorus-Bridge-Bass & Drum only-Bridge-Chorus-Chorus-Chorus
or maybe you could try,
Start with a chorus. and no, not one of those "half energy" choruses that start a lot of songs.

I'm talking start with a full blown, epic chorus. That will seriously lead you in the direction you wanna go.
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try listening to bands with unusual structures and copy them. i dont know what youre in to, but try radiohead, bright eyes, some beatles, elliott smith, some neutral milk hotel, a lot of bands use interesting structures, these are just some i like. if that fails just try a verse/verse structure, with a some interludes/solos/whatever thrown in between. also having "explosions" in a song seems to work good. something like verse, verse, interlude and then all of the instruments come in and play another 2 verses. i dont know, just mess around with everything you know. i find it also helps not setting structures when writing lyrics, as in not being like "oh i just wrote a chorus i need a bridge", just write poetry and sing different parts using different melodies, let the song structure itself.
maybe structure the song by parts ex.

Part one-a certain theme
Part two-another theme

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songs that start with the chorus are always cool, but also songs where the chorus only comes in at the end. You would almost want to call it a bridge or outro or whatever because it hasnt been repeated throughout the song, like a chorus should be . . but yet it just sounds so damn chourus-y that it couldnt be anything else. Im thinking february stars by foo fighters; you think that its following the verse - chorus - verse - chorus structure until that ending comes in and just completely changes the whole mood of the song. I love it.
Personally, when I write, I don't have a pre-set structure. I play the riff, then play what I think comes next. I never put it down on paper and say "Alright, I'ma gonna try something really crazy here!" I just do what seems appropriate. That way, your not restraining yourself, and your not forcing yourself. It just flows the way it's supposed to. I think that that is as original as you can get.
I struggle to answer questions like this, not because I'm lacking in knowledge, but moreso because I fail to see what is holding you back from doing what the hell you like, you want an original song structure then screw a chorus, or screw a bridge, do what the hell you like, then you've already taken a huge step towards making your own originality stand out from what you've done before.
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Just write verses forget about choruses all together. Tie all the verses together by one or two final lines, they don't have to be exactly the same but they should be similar (or rhyming works). I find this is my favorite type of structure.
Intro, Verse, Verse, Prechorus, Verse, Chorus, Solo, Prechorus, Chorus
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I love the..

Intro - Verse - Prre chorus - verse - prechours - interlude - Chours! - solo (keep the energy going) - bridge - chours
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listen to like, modest mouse and elliot smith and stuff for some inspiration.
Intro-Verse-Chorus-Verse-Insane Instrumental-Chorus-Outro

Ala Dream Theater =D.

Or maybe: Verse-Alternate Verse-Chorus-Bridge-Alternate Verse-Chorus-Verse

I suppose the possibilities are endless.
instremental intro-chorus-verse-verse-solo-chorus-chorus-verse-chorus-outro(with a fading of the last chorus)


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Intro-Verse-Prechorus-Verse-Chorus-Solo-Bridge-Solo Again-Chorus-Outro. The 2 soloes are if you want to have the song sound fuller than one.