I got a cort gb34a a few months ago, cos it seemed ok. It felt good, sounded meh, and was cheap. BUT, it has so much fret buzz it is not funny. I have set it up, and had it pro set up to the point where the fellas at the shop got sick of me coming in, so I had a
brainwave..... Whats the best way to get rid of fret buzz? Get rid of the frets.
I will start in the next couple of weeks. I was gonna do it using a veneer, but im a be lazy n use a filler in the slots. It should be fun.

As it is I swear the neck is laminated particle wood, and the body is probably ply...
so if i stuff it, no loss.

Many others tried and got it right?
I know that's what Jaco Pastorius did to a bass. I guess it'll work.
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