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Here is "LOTUS", my latest after "Nightmare" please leave some crit, I think anyone can enjoy this song so check it out. Just ask for me to return the favor if you are looking for some C4C as well. This song is a mix between the catchy riffs of J~rock and the technical prowness of metal in general, and I think the two mold beautifully. Then it kicks into a progressive outro with clean guitars and n epic harmonized guitar solo. Hope you like it.


Btw if you have RSE, use it.

Update: Added vocals, they are WIP so feel free to turn em down.
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Great job, as usual.

The riffing was catchy, and the flow was awesome. The solo section had a really classical feel to it actually, which is a major plus.

Great job!
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For some reason I really don't like the way it sounds with RSE, but midi sounds good.

Anyway. The intro part is cool, I especially like the little fills you've added with the second guitar.

Bar 16 is cool, but at the same time the whole transition there feels strange to me. I think it would actually sound better 5/4 or maybe even 4/4, there's just too much of a stop in there for my liking. Maybe that's what you intended though.

Bars 18-25 are a really cool idea, but there is almost too many sounds doing different things. It's probably the limitations of midi, but I think you'd almost be better off making on of the guitar parts clean(ish).

I like the entire next section, great melody. Although the brief 8th note pauses in bars 32 and 40 sound a little odd. I would have just held on to the last note, but again I think it could just be one of those things that sounds strange in GP.

The section following that is really good. I love the guitar parts, and the vocal melody is especially good.

I'm really not sure about the ending. I love it, and I hate it. It's oh so well done, and all the parts are really great. But it's also a huge departure from the theme and feel of the rest of the song, that I really didn't find it complementary. It almost felt anti-climatic to me, even though that on it's own the part is hugely epic.

Overall though, really great work. Most of my crit is just nitpicky stuff
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Thanks for the honest crit. You know, the more I have been working on this song the more I agree with you. I mean I feel the same way, it is insanley epic and well structured but it doesnt really have a great transition from the rest of the song, leaving it feeling a little out of place? Anyways thanks again.
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I enjoyed this a lot. All of the leads were very melodic. almost like some of avenged sevenfold's leads, except a lot better (I don't really like them, avenged sevenfold, that is). Epic ending. Just totally awesome. 9/10

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The ending is too good not to stay, and I like the shift in tone from the rest of the song. Just make an 8-bar transition or something around bars 89-91 to lead into it better. As for the rest of the song - it was great. The riffs were very good, the little fills and things sounded great, and, while the vocal melody is still kind of bland, they're very hard to do in GP. Not much more to say. I listened to it in MIDI - an actual recording would be 10x better. 9/10.

Also, crit mine please?
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Ya this is my first song where ive actually tried vocals and I cant sing worth **** so I am just going with writing a basic outline and would let a singer (if i ever find one) improvise of that. Thanks for the crit, and Im glad my riffs sound Jrockish. Ill be moving there soon and hopefully ill find a band.
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At first, I thought the vocal track was an actual trumpet... haha
The song overall flows very nicely. I licks in the beginning are pretty cool, especially when harmonized. The rhythm parts were cool, staying far away from simple power chords and actually making them into cool riffs.
Not really my favorite genre, but it sounds pretty cool anyways.
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Thanks man glad to hear it when people who dont really even listen to the genre enjoy the song.
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Wow, this is excellent work! I could really feel the power this song delivered. I like that you incorporated many fast paced melody after or before vocal sections, I liked the way you didn't just keep every day powerchords by themselves and you added an extra melody to keep the energy stimulated. The ending was more than excellent, I loved the distortion that added a more powerful base to the acoustic guitar, and the solos and melodies were excellent.
I can't say anything negative about it, great work 10/10

Crit mine if you like

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