How do I create chords with scales? I suck at theory. can the greaat people of UG help me?
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its not just the first, third and fifth notes of a major scale that gives a chord , that would give a major chord,

while a minor chord is the first, flat third and a fifth of the major scale

or a major seventh is the first, third, fifth and seventh notes of the major scale

honestly, to understand chord scale relationships you need theory and a good knowledge of it.

id suggest looking at the lessons on this site or better yet get a teacher, either of which can explain things a hell of a lot better than i can

here's a site i found that gives you the formulas for making chords from the major scale

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Do you know how to build the major scale? Do you understand intervals?
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Back again, here's a few sites that explain theory, as well as a a lot of other guitar related topics: