Right now I'm experimenting with a 4x10 combo and 4x12 extension cab set up. The 4x10s are a bit loose for my G12T-100s in my 4x12. The tonal difference is just too massive as well.

For anyone that knows, the G12T-100s have a rather scooped midrange and are pretty dark. The 4x10s are pretty much the opposite. Fairly bright, pronounced mids, and a flabby bottom end. They are pretty good for classic rock, though.

I'm looking for a 10" that can do justice to the 12". I'm looking to brighten up my sound just a tad. A nice 10" that can thump and thud, with more pronounced smooth mids, and trebles that are a bit chime-ier and brighter than the G12Ts. I need the balance of classic and modern rock tones.

I'm thinking about either Celestion's G10 Greenback or G10 Vintage. I'm not quite sure though. I've never played a 12" Greenback or a Vintage 30. Any suggestions?

I've heard some good things about Eminence RamRods, as well.
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Eminence Ragin Cajun, it's advertised as a blues speaker with enough gain it has great smooth bass and is awesome for metal.