i'm sure you get a million of these threads a day, so in advance, thanks to those who actually help me out or redirect me to the right place.

ive been playing guitar for about 6 months and im pretty sure i wanna get serious and buy a real guitar (i bought some cheap strat knock-off and like a 2 watt amp off my friend for 10$). i have done a considerably large amount of 'homework' and i wanted to turn to some more expirenced players.

i am looking for a guitar possibly made from wood of alder and a neck of maple, for the brighter tones, and im looking towards the strat standard hss. im into playing a variety, but more of just straight rock and shred. should i pay the 400 dollars, or are there any bad expirences with strats or something of better value and quailty i should look into? should i buy a cheaper guitar and just build up the pickups and such?

i just don't want to make any bad choices.

yamaha pacifica ?
pretty good quality and value for money imo
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Is that 400 dollars for an amp as well?

If it is then I would recommend you to look at a Yamaha Pacifica 112 (you should be able to find one with a maple fretboard) + a Roland Cube 20x/30x. However, you might have to up your budget slightly.
I would suggest going to a guitar sore and trying some out. You can't go wrong with Gibson or Fender. Personally Epiphone and Squire brands don't hit me well.

A nice Telecaster might be what you want. But for $400 I'm not sure what you can muster. There are good deals out there however.

What specific genre's do you play?
the amp is on another budget, but i wont discuss that hear. the 400$ is just for the guitar, thats why i thought the strat might be nice.

as for what i play, mostly rock, slight amounts of metal and jazz so i thought the HSS was what i was looking for.
Baxter, you know I don't speak spanish.
Sounds good, as you play more you'll want more versatility. From what I hear HSS are good guitars, but if you haven't I would recommend playing one first hand.

And when do we get to discuss your amp little man?
lol thought in the amp and gear section (not trying to go against any rules) but i guess it wont hurt. im not looking for anything massive, only an amp for my bedroom. im only going to be practicing. my budget is around 160ish USD
Baxter, you know I don't speak spanish.
oh and sorry i forgot to mention that im going to Guitar center tommorow so i should be trying out the hss first hand
Baxter, you know I don't speak spanish.
2 watt amp? thats like a tiny cube of an amp lol. Does the price include amp or is it just the guitar?
get a standard fender strat that about 300 $
then your gonna want to spend about that much or more on an amp
Thanks for reading this... Ladies
I almost agree with jomig. Most of the tone you'll get/want will come from your amp. But if you're starting out and just practicing in your bedroom, then a Roland Cube is exactly what you need. Cheap and very good. They get loud too, so if you ever play with one of your friends (innuendo) it should provide enough power.

And Guitar Center is great. I love it, it's where I get most of my purchases, but remember this: Guitar Center is the Wal-Mart of music stores.

Happy hunting! Tell us what you find out tomorrow.