So after a few years of buying, selling, and modifying guitars, i finally have come up with more than enough money to get my own ESP Custom. I am shooting for the stars with this, so i welcome feedback and critsicm about any flaws that these parts create with eachother. This is a 7-String model, and I WILL BE SUPPLYING ESP WITH MOST OF THESE PARTS. I got these parts from my previous guitars. I will tell you how i got the parts i will be supplying.

- 27" Baritone Scale
- Body Material: Mahagony
- Construction: Neck- Through
- Routing: Back (no pickgaurd)
- Body Shape: Iceman (custom)
- Bridge System: Edge Lo-Pro 7-String Chrome (Supplied, extracted from my Ibanez UV777... ima miss that baby )
- Pickup Configuration:
Bridge: Humbucker
Middle: N/ A
Neck: Humbucker
- Bridge Pickup: EMG-707 (Supplied, extracted from my old Dean Razorback 7 255)
- Neck Pickup: DiMarzio Air Norton 7 DP793
-Controls: Master Volume, Neck Tone, Bridge Tone, 3-way pickup toggle switch, EMG-AB, EMG- SPC
- Body Finish: Black w/ Silver outer bevel & custom graphic
- Neck Contour: Extra Thin Flat
- Fingerboard End: Round
- Fingerboard Material: Ebony
- Frets: 24
- Fret Size: Medium
- Inlays: Abalone Oval (custom, same as Herman Li's inlays)
- Nut Width: 43mm
- Nut Type: Floyd Rose 7- String Style Locking
- Headstock Shape: B.C. Rich Widow (elongated) (custom)
- Tuning Machines: Steinberger Gearless
- Headstock Finish: Black w/ silver outer bevel
- Headstock Logo: TRIDENT
Why supply them with the parts it will cost the same if you do than if you don't.
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oh will it?
well anyways i will still have to supply the edge lo-pro bridge, it has after all been discontinued.
i guess i will be putting my emg 707 back on my dean razorback then xD.
theres an extra $1000 for me.
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Why supply them with the parts it will cost the same if you do than if you don't.

you know i was actually thinking of supplying the emg-ab from my (quite old) esp tm-600.
if you are right than you have just saved me over $2000 dollars xD.
If you've got all the parts, what do you think of making it yourself?
From what I've heard, with no personal experience, mixing active and passive pickups can be quite a hassle...
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If you've got all the parts, what do you think of making it yourself?

um, i dont have all the parts first of all (although i certainly have the money to buy it all), and if i knew, i probably woulve already, but i have utterly no idea how to make my own guitar. if you could teach me, id be ecstatic xD
Then get a guitar builder in Hawaii to make a guitar for your.. It would be cheaper.
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Im not sure ESP will install an Ibanez trem for you, but if they do, keep the universe and get an EDGE 7 for your custom.

and yeah +1 to building it yourself.

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