I upgraded a Lancewood Telecaster to an EX-50, And a Sumco 10w to a Fender Frontman 25 W, which is pretty loud, at 5 it starts to hurt, and a MArshall Jackhammer or soon to be Boss Metal Zone.

What do you guys think my next purcahse should be?
As far as my skill, i can play all of One (Metallica), But the last solo is a bit shabby and transisting from tapping to fretting takes a while.
That completely depends on what you want.

A pedal wouldn't be the best idea, as they tend to function best through a nice amp and while the Frontman may be loud, it's not exactly a high quality amp. If you really do want a pedal, consider a multi effects unit like the Boss ME-50. A multi effects pedal will allow you to fool around with a lot of different sounds and effects, without having to buy the pedals seperately.

Of course there are downsides; a delay on a multi effects pedal will not sound as good as a seperate delay unit (the same goes for tweekability). However, I find that most of the effects on the ME-50 (and certain other units for that matter) are quite good and after using it for a while you'll find there are a few effects which you use a lot, which you might want to buy as seperate units later on.

Another possibility would be a new amp, preferably a tube one (as opposed to the solid state you have know). A new amp will improve your tone considerably. If you decide to take this route, you can always ask for suggestions, but as I mentioned above, you'll most likely be pointed towards tube amps.

Aside from pedals and amps, you could also get a new guitar. With your current rig, you won't notice a massive change in tone, but getting a new guitar can be very inspriring. On top of that, it might have much better playability than your current guitar.

The last option is to improve your existing guitar, for instance with new tuners, electronics and pickups. For pickups and electronics goes the same as for pedals, though: without a good amp you will not notice a lot of difference, atleast not enough as you might want. Think of those things as a way to fine tune your sound and not as a way to completely change it.

In the end, it all depends on what your looking for and, of course, your budget. Just try to hold on to your money untill you find an amp, guitar, etc. which you are completely happy with.
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