Ok, I'm nearing the time where I can afford to get the Orange Rocker 30 I've been saving for, and I have a question:

What sort of money do you reckon I can get part-ex on a year old VK 112? It's only ever seen one gig, In very good condish. I modded the speaker but I'm going to put back the stock one when I trade it.

I'd really appreciate your help as I've never been much of a negotiator, I bought a pedal the other day for £95 and the woman serving me actually offered me £5 off on her own . I can also get pics if you need them.

Thanks very much
I usually see them priced at $320 which is top dollar... Now i dont know how long they will sit there at that price. But $300 will make it get out the door a little faster and cut everyone else selling theres for $320 and if you want to get it out the door really quick price it at $275.

And if you decide to exchange/sell it at say GC or local shop they will only give you $160 for it.
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^ English prices are gonna be pretty different. They're about $560/£280 equivalent here new, so assuming 60-70% for a mint condition, stock one, i'd assume maybe £200/$400 at maximum? I've not checked used prices... However I think your best bet is to eBay it and buy a whole new amp, trade-in value at stores is shameful.
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privately, £200 seems ok, perhaps less in a shop
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I wouldn't expect you to get much. £150 or thereabouts, I doubt shops will have much need for another VK, as they're so cheap new they wouldn't really be doing themselves any favours trying to sell a used one.

Just sell it with the new speaker in to someone on ebay and put that money towards the Rocker.
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I 've worked out that I need to get £110 from it, completely stock as I need the speaker. Is this possible?
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I 've worked out that I need to get £110 from it, completely stock as I need the speaker. Is this possible?

I think so. They're about £279 new, so if you're offered less than £110 try and hustle with them.
i went to a music store for work exp. They usually sell second hand gear for twice the price u sell it to them for.
VK is £280.
So you want £110.
Would you want to buy a second hand valveking in your condish for £220?

Im gussing about 100. You can haggle though.
Stores really do rip you off.
While I worked there, the owner bought a guitar for 45, sold it for 120 i think.