Hey, I'm getting myself a guitar, since I plan to start playing the guitar more seriously.

I want a good guitar that gives quality for the money, and a guitar that can be somewhat versatile. Even so, I think I'll be playing mostly rock/hard rock/metal, so that's where the main priority lies.
Favourite bands include prog metal bands like Dream Theater, Symphony X, Pagan's Mind, Rush, but also classic hard rock bands like Dio, Whitesnake, Van Halen, Deep Purple etc. and I want a guitar that can handle a good metal overdrive for these bands, but also one that can manage some decent cleans. Of course it needs to be comfortable to play, solid, and preferably good looking.

My budget is somewhere along 700-800 dollars.
I've been looking into some schecters, especially the Hellraiser C-1.
People compliment it as a great guitar, it looks neat, but people say it's aimed primarily at more extreme players, and that it's hard to get good cleans out of it.
Will it be to metal for my use? :P

Are there any other guitars that could be good? Maybe I should look into a Gibson Flying V, since they're relatively cheap, maybe the faded version would be within my budget?

Any other guitars one may recommend for my use?

Thank you!
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have you seen the schecter c1 blackjack atx?, similar although the pickups are seymour duncan active blackouts which in my opinion are superior to EMG's. The sound will also highly depend on the amp.
what amp do you have?
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I don't have the biggest rig to mention xP
I usually just play through a Roland Cube 30X, good for practice and rehersals/smaller gigs, I guess. May upgrade to a bigger amp somewhere along the line, but not any plans for now.
It really depends on the amp...
i mean, no matter how awesome your guitar is, no matter how good the pick ups are. You won't be able to get the tone you want with a noob amp.
Have you tried looking into Ibanez RGs? theyre pretty nice lol
The Hellraiser you mentioned seems pretty nice too
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