I currently have 9 gauge strings on my guitar which i've been playing since i started out. I play in a load of tunings from standard tuning to C standard. But obviously with my gauge being thin it sounded like wank. But my question is, if i were to put say a set of 12's on my guitar, could i still tune from standard tuning down to everything to C standard?

Thanks in advance.
i suggest 10-46 or 10-52. i have been using these gauges, and i do tune even to b standart(on 10-46 theyre a little floppy.). 12 will be unplayable on standart e i think.
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12 will be unplayable on standart e i think.

Yeah i thought that.
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Use the 12s and get super strong fingers. It'll do ya good

But if i use 12's in standard tuning it would be alot of tension on the neck and that can screw it right? Wouldent i have to get the truss rod adjusted or something?