Hey, I've just restrung my guitar and now I want to retune it. While restringing I had the tremolo jammed in place so it couldn't move and I changed the strings one at a time.

Now I'm trying to retune it.. should I leave the tremolo stuck in place while I do this or allow it to move? If I allow it to move as I loosen the strings (I tightened them a bit too much when stringing to stop them slipping out) the tremolo begins to fall back and sends everything out of kilter..

I'm doing something stupid and wrong, can anyone help out?
When you tune you have to unblock your tremolo and let it float. It should level out assuming you are using the same gauge strings, and if it does not you have to adjust the string tension to get it level. Also, if you ahve to adjust spring tension, you will have to adjust intonation.

edit: also, what ever you used to block (I use an AAA battery), should elevate the bridge so it is dipped toward the headstock slightly, so whenever you restring it falls back into place. It is also handy to have a locking trem system because to stretch your strings you just pull up on the bar.
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So do I just keep going back and retuning strings? Because like I said when I tune one string all the others go out of tune so when I go to tune those the first one goes out of tune etc.. agh.