erm,so correct me if i am wrong...you have got scales,like the blues scale,which you play at the key of which the rhythm guitar goes?
Basically,it's that.You have to feel the song too...kind of finding out what it asks for...like a very spiritual lick or bend/vibrato or sheer fretboard frying...
hmm..is there anyway to be able to know how to solo along the scale better? to me its like so few notes and its really hard to make it sound nice..

and,how do i know which key to slide up to after a while?

erm,know of any good tracks i can download?
start offf with a backing track of a simple chord progression, then try and solo over it you shouold find that you naturally choose notes thant sound the best over the chords, add some bends, slides etc when you gain confidence to spice it up a bit.
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but,i don't just stick to that key for the whole solo right? i go up and down to other keys,but how do i know when to?
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but,i don't just stick to that key for the whole solo right? i go up and down to other keys,but how do i know when to?

it's simple really, when the key changes and you're still in the first one, your solo will suddenly sound very dischordant. Truthfully, the only way to ensure that you can feel a key changes coming is if you know the exact time it'll happen, or if you're so good at playing with a certain person that you can "feel" when they change key.

It's a bit hard to explain to be honest, but thankfully for you, most solos stay in the same key throughout, and although the guitar chords may change during a chord progression, the key will remains static as long as the rhythm guitar/bass doesn't move outside the chord progression. so key changes shouldn't be worried about most of the time and at the times when they are there, you'll probably be told about them before (most pop/rock/metal never changes key anyway, it's more of a classical thing).
dude the ezest way to explain how to solo is
pick a key
play in it
just make sure it sounds good over the rhythm...get a feel...like you wouldnt want to play a furious yngwie malmsteen solo over a nirvana rhythm...or you wouldnt want to play a blues lick over a speed metal rhthym...
guitarbt.com...they have a list of stuff called jam tracks if my memory serves me corectly...but even at that, you could take a song thats already written and put your own stuff over the backing track just as practice...
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you use alot of pinch harmonics

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Knowing what key you're in is a start. Key changes is a modulation like to V of I and then V=I.
Look up some guitar jaming tracks and just let rip. They will tell you what key they are in, and just use that keys pentatonic scale.

Alternatively just go for a 3min epic bend.