Heya guys, quick question, my martin 00 18 v had a strap peg put on yesterday not on the treble side of the neck but on the back on the guitar, you know the solid bit of wood at the base of the neck, now im not sure if it was like it before or if its happend since but i am getting a noise from the guitar neck when i push on it slightly.

the only way i can describe is is a "sticky" clicking noise only when i push the neck slightly, like the sound u get from touching selotape and taking ur finger off but obiously much quieter, its not affecting sound or play atall, im just worried incase it may be the wood cracking or the neck . any words of ADVICE?

(i have checked the neck and it doesn't look like its giving atall.)

im not, what i mean is if im holding the guitar body and i say pick it up by the neck or even when its just hanging on the strap round my neck, it does it, when theres any pressure on the neck, i only pushed on the neck slightly to see when and how it hapens