Having spent a few weeks refinishing my old Squier Strat all I had left to do was to apply the clear coats.

I'd read that automotive lacquer was good but not very tough and that polyurethane was the way to go. So, I went out and bought a can of PlastiKote Clear Gloss Polyurethane Varnish. I checked their website and it said it was non-yellowing. Great i thought.

So yesterday morning i applied the first coat and noticed in a couple of spots i'd put it on a little bit wet and got some runs. The runs were yellow!!

I left it a few hours then sanded the runs out and applied a second coat. It was only then that I realised that it wasn't just the runs that were yellow. The whole guitar now had a yellow tint (and more runs despite erring on the dry side).

My question is: how do i removed fresh polyurethane? should i leave it a month for it to cure so it doesn't gum up the sandpaper, or is it better to do it while it's still soft? Any other suggestions?
Please help.
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while i dont have any experience with this problem, I have heard of this before. When you apply the poly, it has a yellow tint, but when it cures it dries clear.

check the company website for removal suggestions
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Many times with that type of poly once you get up under it, it will peel off in sheets.