so my stepdad knows a guy from work that paints cars for a living. he has agreed to paint my guitar for free. can automotive paint affect the quality of the guitar/paint or the sound/resanance of the guitar at all? ive just put too much work into this guitar to have it all ruined becasue i didnt get the facts. thanks a bunch!
Automotive paint might be a bit thick-skinned for a guitar, but I've never painted a guitar with it so I'm not too sure.

I'm sure he'd know how to spray it on finely though.

Saying that, Fender's MIM guitars have quite thick paint.

This is probably totally useless, sorry.
anyone have experiences with this? i just want to know wether or not its a good thing to do
I have used auto 2 part paint before. Usually just the clear. I like to use something else for the color thats easier to work with, no cleaning guns etc. You can put it on thick or thin as you like. Most laquer is layed on pretty thick on guitars anyways.
Automotive paint would be no worse than a polyurethane paint for tonal characteristics.
you should be good as long as it is lacquer based, which it probalby is. if i were you i would buy some nitrocellulose lacquer from stewert macdonald and have him mix with that and use it as clear coat. then you wont have any thing to worry about
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i dont think it is laqcer based, there is a new law or something like that that is requiring the shop to use water based paint. (or so ive heard from him)
The 2 part urethane stuff is alot easier to work with than laquer. The cure time is alot less. To do a good laquer job its gotta cure for a few weeks. My uncle has been painting cars for at least 50 years he said when they took the lead out of laquer it pretty much ruined it. And the environmental laws on laquer now is just to much for most to deal with.