"I cannae really be arsed
going to see her but I said I would.
I kind of said I wanted to,
so I really think I should.
Walking down through Ruggy
I'm tired and fuc king cold.
I don't even feel good enough
I can feel myself growing old."

"I go and I meet her,
then we're gaun tae the pub
I'm still no feeling it
but I decide tae just shut up.
We're on the train now,
it's quarter past nine,
I'm feeling awful,
and she looks fuc king fine."

We get tae the pub
I order a vodka and diet coke.
I get myself a pint of ale,
take a drink and choke.
I'm always fuc king daein' that
I drink and breath to fast.
It's like every relationship
I fuc k up and it doesnae last.

I get back tae the table,
she takes a drink and then we chat.
There's fitba on telly,
I've one eye focused on that.
She asks me about something,
But I havnae got a clue
What she's on about
So I say "do what's best for you."

That seems tae work
cause she continues to talk
I cannae be arsed listening
so I'm gaun for a walk
She doesnae seem too happy
So I fuc k off out the bar
I consider just running off
But I know I won't get far.

I've still to write another verse but I've no idea where to go with it.

Just thought I'd post it up here to see what people think. I'll crit back.

Cheers, Gregor.
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