So I was thinking... I could add string through ferrules to behind the bridge on one of these , correct?

Would it be worth the trouble? I know a guy with a CNC machine so making the holes shouldn't be a problem. But if it wouldn't really increase the sustain or tone a lot, than I'd rather not bother... What say you all?

Also, I'm gonna change the electronics to have a three way toggle for the pups. And because I added another battery so the active electronics would be 18v, I'm gonna extend the battery compartment.

Also, I thought about replacing the fretboard, and making it extend out to 25 or 26, however far I can get it before the pup is in the way. Also I may be lazy and just not fret it, so it'd be a fretless. I shall have to confer with my friend about this, but what you all think? What would be the best wood to use for the new fretboard? Something really fuckin hard I'd assume. Ebony maybe? Or rock maple? I'm open to suggestions here from someone who knows this kind of stuff. And of course I'd epoxy it or something of the like afterwards.

What ya'll think?
Adding ferrules to that won't make it sustain longer imho, as it's still a hard-tail. Plus, all you need is a battery-powered drill to make the holes...

I dunno why you'd want to replace the fretboard, either, as mostly you'll prolly be using up to, say, the 19th fret. Plus, removing a fretboard is a bitch. If you are dead-set on it, though, your best bet is ebony, provided you don't refret it (which is a nightmare all its own).

As for extending the battery compartment and adding the toggle: go for it.

But hey, you asked our opinions and I gave you mine. Good luck with it.