During my gigs my guitarists and drummer usually take a lot of time to set up there stuff due to all the pedals and cymbals and such... But i just pretty much plug in and go so im sitting there for like 3 mins with nothing to do but be a big show off ... Anyways i'm wondering what would be a sweet groove sounding bass line that is easy and short and would make people go "damnnnnnn" that i can do while everyone else is setting up, because most people that come to see me just think i play "guitar" and the untrained ear can't even here me except for the parts where i'm soloing and such.
Referring to Victor Wooten
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Just mess around with a pentatonic scale, use a snycopated rhythm, people will take notice
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Funky Broadway by Wilson Pickett
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play some sool Chili Peppers thing, like "Californication"
True, try "Overfunk" by the Chili Peppers. Very funky bassline.
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Maybe some stuff by Jamiroquai? You can find a lot of it on YouTube, and most of it has pretty groovy bass-lines...songs like Cosmic Girl, Canned Heat, Runaway, Too Young To Die...
Alot of Rage Against the Machine is very funky and very easy, take a look at:
- Calm Like a Bomb (awesome bass solo on this one)
- Killing in the name
- Bullet in the Head
- Bulls on Parade
- Take the Power Back (If you can slap)
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I'd make the most of not having to take ages setting up by chatting to girls while your drummer is messing about with cymbal stands and your guitarist with patch cables
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I'd make the most of not having to take ages setting up by chatting to girls while your drummer is messing about with cymbal stands and your guitarist with patch cables

True Dat.
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art school girlfriend by the stone temple pilots has a really nice groovy bass line.
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listen to the song focus on the ass and play really really slowley
try and hear each individual note
make sure your using the right ta or guitar pro or what ever u use
I'd play the bass solo to quarantine by At-the Drive in.
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just mess with some scales...
all ya need.
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Magic Bus. One note.

Several Van Halen bass lines seem to be one note, too.
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Adding to the chili peppers thing...

can't stop

both of those are recurring slap/pop riffs that are easy, both are only like 4 notes being slapped with an octave higher being popped, with a few random riffs being thrown in. It sounds harder than it is.
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Low Rider
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Wake up by Rage against the machine

pretty good bassline there, sounds not exactly funky but its pretty catchy.

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