That is a really sweet piece man, kudos to you.
I can't think of any criticism or improvements to make, not one.
Oh ..wow.. when i start listen this, i thought like what was this guy doing..but when the song has reached to prechorus(bar 57)..it took my interest..But the chorus riff is still simple.. Spice it up and then it'd be super cool song..The outro is just ok!! anyway... 8/10
I think the intro was lacking something and the verses were too simple,but man,what you did on the bridge and with the strings combined with the intro riff was really amazing.
The 6/8 time made the bars in the chorus a little too 'rushed',If you know what I'm trying to say,but it was nice anyway.
Nice song by the way =) 8/10
that was very nice dude. i liked it. not too much, but it didnt get boring. kept my attention. i think you should just scrap bar 129 though, so it isnt just a huge silence.

edit: i also wasnt feeling the lead in bar 112. you should change it to e 10 and b 13. it sounds better imo
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I loved it. Honestly, the only thing I can say is that the electric piano in the prechorus doesnt need all the extra notes - just keep the melody notes for it. But even that is just nitpicking. It kind of reminds me of the song "Even Rats" by the Slip, from the first guitar hero game.
holy ****. holy ****. that was amazing. There were no flaws but what I loved most about it was the use of keys in the prechorus. I guess one improvement could be using keys throughout the entire song, but it's all just personal preference. Great song. You are excellent at writing melodies.

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