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I have a Gibson Sg classic with P-90's and no matter what I play it through it always gets this constant and annoying buzz. I have an Epiphone Special 2 and an epiphone thunderbird that I play through the exact same equipment and I do not get any unwanted noise from them. Anyone know what is wrong and what I should do?
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p-90s tend to buzz. try getting a better cable, might not do much though. you could try a noise gate, but personally i dont like them.
Wait you use a lot of gain right, since you seem to like metal? Well P-90s are single coils and because of their size prone to noise!
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if its a really loud buzz you might have a wiring issue. open it up and see if theres a loose wire
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The p90s I have are pretty quiet as are a set of single coils in one of my strats. But all my guitars are shielded with copper tape and star grounded. I also keep my amp on an isolated outlet from the rest of the noise adding stuff in my house. Alot of the p90s have the plastic housing which has no shielding effect and I dont know what kind control compartment shielding is in the gibson SG.