I start learning to play guitar by myself 4mounths ago, I am learnin sloow , well i wanna learn chords ; I hv acoustic guitar tht drives me nuts I dnt know if I play bad or it sound bad or both , well can sombody help me with tht & hey any one has easy chords songs to play
get a wall poster of guitar cords, there like 5$ and have like every cord youll ever need

try knocking on heavens door, american pie (don mclean) every rose has its thorn and sex drugs and rock n roll

r the easiest cord songs i can think of right now
thx , i know chords its just i never get them right i mean strumin , rythem ..etc
hmm if you cant get the full sound of it...try pressing down harder..even if it hurts...take it slow..like really slow until you can transition between chords easily and cleanly.
do you have guitar pro/powertab/tuxguitar? try getting one of those programmes, slow the song down as much as you need, and practice. i usually slow a song to 25% of what it should be and practice in slow motion before i speed it up gradually.
try looking on youtube for video lessons as well. there are usually lots of video lessons for popular songs, and some of those video lessons are really great.
chord transitions usually just involve practice. there is a exercise by justin sandercore called 1 minute of change. basically you try to change between 2 chords as often as you can in 1 minute, and do it everyday for all the chords that you need. that exercise really helped me out.
hope this helps, have fun!
a really easy song to play is Blue Octobers 'hate me' It's pretty easy and sounds really nice!
guys my real prob is the strummin & the timmin of chords i know chords & i change them fast enough but i dnt know the timmin of each chord its kinda confusin
yeah...i know what you mean...when i'm having an off day, my strumming seems all over the place...Just practice many strumming patterns and experiment like DDU..UD, DDUDD and things like that and for the timing, count aloud and make sure you hit the chord on the right time..

like the song i suggested earlier, i use the strumming pattern DD DUDU it sounds pretty cool...well i think so!
I've had the same problem and I know my answer may sound annoying but I've been told the same and it's right... it will just come with the time...
the only tips I know of are
1. first try to only strum down according to the tempo.
2. you can search some videos that teach you different patterns of strumming.
3. listen to the song.. try to concentrate on the guitar only and try to figure it out from the song...
4. I know that the "down down up up down up" pattern fits many simple songs quite well so you can try that one..
5. don't be afraid to TRY.. even if you mess up.. just keep trying.. eventually you'll get it right.
There are so many different patterns so it's hard to tell exactly what to do.. it changes for every song.
Guitar playing is lifetime learning my friend...

Dont rush your self....

Love the music and not the talent ^___^

Just enjoy it...

If you wont enjoy what you we're doing, you will never be good at it....

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first check your tunning lol buy a tuner. get to know what the strings should sound like. the rest is practice.