I listen to a lot of Red Hot Chili Peppers. I was thinking about buying a WH-10 Wah Ibanez pedal but i'm not sure if that is what I want. I want the pedal that he uses for most of his live solos. John uses it in the Dani California solo at the end of it where is starts to go really fast. I know that he uses the WH-10 right in there, but does the WH-10 Wah Pedal also make that kinda loud screeching noise. Like you can tell right when he turns the pedal on right when John starts going really fast, a scratchy/screech noise comes in. Also comes in the same time as Wah. so I wanna know if the wanna is making that sound or not. Please help me out here!!!
Well I know he said that the solo was doubled except for that last part, because it was too fast to double, so he put a delay on it to give it a similar sound.

I don't really see why you need that sound so badly though.