I'm thinking about building a stratopart, buying all the parts of strats/teles online and assembling my own. I'm not looking to actually build anything from scratch. Would anyone have recomendations? I'm trying to keep the price down.. and i just need general suggestions about what to do, what to look for, what to be careful for, etc.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Just be sure to take necessary measurements and double check them to what you are buying, especially if you're buying parts online. Ive always had problems with screw holes not lining up on pick guards, bridges or necks....also, make sure your neck is the correct scale length for your body and bridge setup, this can be a pain too. Ive noticed that a lot of the cheaper brands or no name brands hardly ever match up with Fender, Ibanez and such. So basically, just be sure its gonna fit before you buy it. Ive even had pickups that wouldn't fit into the pick guard. input jacks not fitting in the body hole..... If you stick with like all Fender parts or MightyMite or other licensed replacements you should be ok though. My first few guitars that I pieced together were a real pain.
Great idea the body of a strat the electronics of a tele.

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do you have a picture or these so called "strat-bodied telecasters"? I've never seen anything like that, and I'd like to see it. did a google search, but nothin came up.
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OK.. so what if i were to build a guitar completely from Guitarfetish.com?

How would the quality be and would it go well?

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Warmoth Guitars.

Google it i'm going to buy a LP soon.
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