ok well i was wondering is it possible after you buy a guitar to like idk take it somehwere and get a custom job on it. like cuz i dont like my plain black finish but i never heard of anyplace that does something like htat. also how much would it be??
Well depends of the kind of finish you want. It will cost a lot.

It would be cheaper to do it yourself. A lot of work though. Check this out:


omg dude. that was so amazingly awesome. that was like wow great lol. yea but dude i dont even know where to begin on how to do my own paint job. i dont know a thinkg about it and i would be afraid to mess it up. like wow man i have never seen a paint job done like that before.
Not worth it, that vid by cliff burton was pretty cool though!
P.S. Cliff Burton=Best Bassist Ever!
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it's called diy

yea but i didnt even look hard all he did was dip it and it was done !!
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theres a thread in the building and customizing section, go there.

could you reply with the link plz
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yea but i didnt even look hard all he did was dip it and it was done !!

Google research and Patience FTW!

The basic requirements for re-finishing are: 2 opposable thumbs, 4th grade-level reading and comprehension, and patience. Good Luck!

definetly do it yourself its way funner and more personalised
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