im the singer for a uk based hardcore metal band.
im also a graphic designer, so i make myspace layouts, band logos, band designs, animated banners, tshirt designs, cd covers (to scale) and any other aspect of design i can cover it. if ure intrested then reply to this, tell me what you need.
also i dont charge much, my prices are cheap and can be payed with through paypal, so if you dont use credit cards then you can still take part in this.
'Jamie from nato'
can we see some of your stuff?
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sure thing, this is something i hand drew today, then photoshopped and use my other software to edit. i dont just work in the posthardcore/screamo scene, i work with any aspect of music, thats just clearly what the client asked for
it says example because last time i posted an image someone stole it :/