My band, Fusion, covering Beast and the Harlot. Please comment and rate - and please don't comment something completely negative (at least be constructive please). Thanks.


BTW, our drummer didn't have his double-bass pedal so he kinda made a similar sounding beat.
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Damn pretty good.
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By the way, is this in the right forum or should it be in "Promote YOUR Band"?

Yeah it's the right forum and your band is very good
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sounded pretty good to me
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not bad, try tuning next time though. The arpeggio section was a little sloppy all the notes weren't fully clear. Your bends were also not really spot on. The harmonized section sounded bad probably again due to tuning.
I liked it. Good band work. I don't know the song so I can't give a good critic, but the only thing that I found that could be bad were some off bends in the beginning of the song.

it was pretty good, but in some parts the drummer or guitarist were a little behind. good