I need some sort of case for my SZ. I have it on a stand, and it just collects way too much dust, im very OCD, its worse enough I am breathing it in, my guitar doesn't need to do the same. Also would be nice to take guitar around, possibly even take it as a carry on in plane. I'm also strapped for cash so I did a quick look and found :

top choice:


Runner up:


would 1st one be alright? fit the guitar? anyone help me out on this one thanks !!
id go for the second because im pretty paranoid about breaking the neck of my guitar on doorways although i am 6,3 lol
without going into exact measurements the sz isnt that much different from the strat shape so id say youd be fine
any other suggestions on cases. If i get a hard case I would prob spring for more money. The bag tho looks kinda chill. # 1 priority is saving it from dust. # 2 is travel around city .. # 3 is put on air plane.
The SZ might not fit in a standard strat hardcase. They're thicker than strats and I think the headstock is at more of an angle.
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seriously , tons of em. I don't get it. I may veer clear of hardcases and just get bag
That gigbag is the colour of C3PO's vomit and you called the Ibby hardcase ugly?

You have serious taste issues, but if you want a cheap gigbag, that will do fine.
A dwarf might hear you. What then?

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yeah i would not get the yellow =) thats funny - prob blue or black .

Cheap yes , but hopefully the workman ship is not cheap .