I've been playing for 4 years and using power chords are really easy, but when i was giving a friend a lesson of how to play power chords he said that his other friend taught him differently. When i play them i put a finger on each fret, but when i see him playing he puts both fingers across the frets. He says it's harder to do it with the fingers but to me its so easy. Am i doing it the wrong way or is he?
Most people just use two fingers for power chords but do whatever makes you feel comfortable...
using separate fingers for power chords helps in the long run i think.

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I use 3 fingers: my first on the root, my ring on the 5th and my pinky on the 8ve. But I used to use my ring as a bar over the the 5th and 8ve, but that muted other notes on that fret, so I started using my current technique as IMO it's more versatile than the ring barring method, but each to his own, y'know?

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ya me too, have not figured out what works with me. to fret each note or to almost bar the notes. Also me teacher has taught me to add the 8th octive to my power cords too as it sounds meater. i guess i try to use the bar chord way cause then you can mute the other strings so it is cleaner, but i suck at bar chords so i kinda use them both....
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i would use three so when the time comes it will be easier for you to adapt to other "power chords" like add9 and maj7
I play them the way your friend plays them, because that it's more comfortable to me. There's really no right way to play power chords. The way you play them is pretty much just based on comfort.
yeh i use three fingers i believed it would just be better technique in the long run, what with not muting any other strings and getting a clearer sound to each note.
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Well, when I do power chords, I usually just do the root and the 5th, so I only use 2 fingers. I add the octave in when I want a slightly fuller sound, and all I do is flatten my second finger. There's not a right way, and one of them won't "help you in the end," it's just a matter of personal preference, just like deciding what fingers you use to form the power chords with, it's all just personal preference.


I just use my pointer finger and my pinky. It's just what feels comfortable to me.
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using separate fingers for power chords helps in the long run i think.

it doesn't really matter and a lot of people on use two part powerchords because adding the octave doesn't that much except maybe add a fuller sound