ive got an acoustic-electric that im madly in love with. and ive got this strap pin that it came with when i bought it, which id like to install at the base of the neck, where there currently isnt one. the strap pin came in a little ziploc bag along with a felt disc to be used as a washer and a screw. how do i do this? do i drill the hole first, or just screw straight in? i really would hate to split the wood..... help!
well i think you need to put the felt disc underneath the pin, then carefully drill the screw through the wood and the pin. thats how mine was done but it depends on the type of wood.. just be very careful
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ok, put some masking tape down on the area where you want the strap button to go, mark on the tape where you want it to go, drill the hole, install strap button.
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The best way to prevent splitting the wood is to drill a pilot hole. This opens space to accommodate the screw without splitting. It's most important with dense woods because they can't distort to accommodate the screw very easily.

Cover the spot with a little masking tape so that the finish doesn't crack when you drill it.
2.) Gently indent the spot you want the screw to go with an awl. This helps prevent your drill from slipping.
3.) Carefully drill a pilot hole a little smaller in diameter than the screw.
4.) Lubricate your screw by putting a little soap on the thread before installing. You can use bar soap or liquid.
wow, im glad i didnt drill wherever haha. thanks so much guys

but doesnt the soap screw up the wood?

edit: just did the procedure worked out fine, i placed it a little closer to the fretboard than id have liked, but itll be okay.

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no soap shouldnt screw up the wood.. its just like using a polish on wood doesnt screw it up.. but make sure you dont use too much or it probably will..

if there is no viewable faults/damage then its absolutely fine!
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