Hey everyone. Im just wanting to hear your opinions on the Rocktron Banshee talk box.

It would be my first experience with a talk box... I've never actually played one but I want to get one. Would this be a good starter?

Also, for those of you that know, do i have to have a mic to use this?

My setup is just a Fender Strat (MIM) and a Line 6 Spider III 30w. Im assuming that I could just plug it in like any other pedal.... is this true? I dont want to spend $150 on this just to find that i have to buy another $60 in accesories just to get it to work.
(my first reply in months)

i own one, it's definitely a quality product. I just don't find myself using it often. I don't wanna be another Frampton or Wylde (with all due respect). Yes, you do need a microphone in any situation that isn't just you practicing alone. It has an internal amplifier, but it, of course, is not loud at all. All it is for is to send sound through the tube to the mic. It eliminates the need for any external amplifier.

Ask me if you have any more questions =).
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