i know this is a Guitar Web site but as a side project i started a electronica solo project thing. its ognna be like techno beats with some screams and stuff. kinda like breathe carolina. idk if uve herd of them. but what are some like... common attributes to electronica songs beatwise and lyric wise? im not sure if you can help me iwth this but just figured id ask
Surely you'd know this by listening to Electronica?
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well yeah thatd be obvious lol but im new to making it. and the music itself soo yeah i dont know much about it
Well maybe you should try listening to a genre before deciding to make some of it?
There's only one thing we can do to thwart the plot of these albino shape-shifting lizard BITCHES!
well, there are alot of genres, electronic music is pretty diverse. i suggest trying the electronic dance music thread in the other section for more info. but some basics are 4x4 beat, 120-160 tempo, often drawing influences from jazz and funk and a ****load more. it depends on the genre, though. lyrics can be pretty much about anything, ive heard electronic songs about war, love, parties, technology, modern life, ghosts, anything really, it depends on what youre going for. if you have no idea what you're doing and dont know where to start, try downloading the demo version of FL studio, just to mess around and sort of get the hang of it. once again, check the guide to electronic music thread in the other section. hope i helped.
Yeah man, you should really make some music that YOU want to make, something that comes from YOUR imagination... not trying to copy the stereotype of a genre you hardly know as dictated to you by people who you don't even know.

But... if you want to make some really bad boring derivative Electronic music. Start here:

Four on the floor, untz it up (this is drum talk)
Pump up the bass
use filter effects
synths are important

But please... don't do it... or if you do... at least understand what you're making and what you want it to be.