I recently finished a new song. It is an original and you can listen to it at http://www.myspace.com/christianbrunsmusic . Just plain simple chords but give it a try.
I had to take an old recording of it, because my export in Cubase isn't working correctly. In about a month or so I will be able to reset my PC System and than I will upload the final version of it.

Check it out!
And add me if you like.

TOWWTE=The One Who Went To Early
It reminds me of Sanitarium by Metallica. I like the sound of it. It's pretty repititive though.
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Very cool man. I liked the guitar tone alot. It's got a very nice feel to it. It does sound a little like some Metallica in places. It's a little repetitive. But I can hear drums and singing and some really heavy riffs come in after while. I think it's a start to something really cool.

It's nice to know that you recongnize Mark Knopfler's ability as a player. He's always been overlooked. I'm impressed by that!!