Well when i first got my guitar i played it alot but never got anywhere!
so i stopped playing for a while
I just recently picked it up again and started playing but i feel like heading down the same road again, i dont know what to do to keep myself going.
Any tips?
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Set goals for yourself. Find songs that are a little too hard for you to play, and work on them til you get them right. You can start slowly or just do part by part, but make sure they're songs you like, because its very motivating to want to play a song you love.
Don't bitch out. Pick the ****er up everyday and play it. You'll get motivated if you just lock in a determine yourself. Watch videos and listen to great guitar players and picture being as good or even half as good as that.
I agree with dylandevoe, you gotta pick that thing up everyday and just play it. try just messing around and coming up with your own stuff or like what Toadstool said to pick songs that are a bit too hard and work your way up
make playing it your livelyhood. dont put it down.learn theory and take lessons. dont give up. if your get bored then play for a few minutes then put it down and continue doing that just little by little
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I know it's probably not what you want to hear but if you can't really be bothered to play, don't play. Find something you enjoy doing more
its acording how much you really want to play in the long run. Maybe its just a hobby for you and its not something you are wanting to do seriously. Nothing wrong with that. Lots of people are like that.