I always felt like learning theory was so important for music. What I do for my music practice is simply study scales, I then train my ear in finding what songs are in what keys and scales and try to find them within that scale. The problem is, I don't really learn many songs. I tend to write my own, I don't think playing other peoples music is a talent. I've been playing for one year now and still love it. I just want peoples opinion that if you guys think that it is ok to just sit and study scales ALL the time and not really practice tabs or songs I enjoy...

Thanks in advance UG!!
Sometimes it's ok to practice songs, learn difficult ones and further yourself. Of course I see where you're coming from, i'd rather write my own than learn other people's music....but I've noticed learning other people's songs has given me ideas for my own creations.
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ear practice is most guitarists forget about yet it is, in my opinion, the most important type of practice.

Everything in music has to do with ones ear so why do people ignore ear training? I dunno.
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