Most musicians know about the theory that Pink Floyd synchronized Dark Side of the Moon to The Wizard of Oz. I love these types of theories and was just curious if anyone else knows other urban legends similar to that. I really don't care how outlandish they sound, just throw them out there. You might even want to give out some other theories/observations of your own.

Paul was the walrus.
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there are subliminal messages in a bunch of songs. like stairway to heaven.
There are a bunch of fibonacci patterns in Tool's Lateralus that I found interesting, but then again, I'm a fan of the band... I'll post link in a mo'.

EDIT: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=wS7CZIJVxFY
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If you play Rush's 2112 with the old Willy Wonka movie at the moment he grabs his cane after falling it syncs. Its really cool.
How could Paul be the walrus, he's dead!
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It "sort of" works. It's kinda neat if you're high. If you actually harbour the idea that Pink Floyd and their producer/engineer went through the ridiculous effort of actually sinking up an entire album with a movie, then you're a ****ing fool. The time and energy required to record, not to mention write, an entire album to match up is absurd. Not to mention people involved have gone on record saying they didn't.

Yeah, it's kinda cool, certain parts match up pretty well and it's neat. It wasn't done intentionally.
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Interesting question...
i heard a rumour that The Decline by Nofx is in sync with the first twenty minutes of The Wall. I doubt its true though.
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If you play Rush's 2112 with the old Willy Wonka movie at the moment he grabs his cane after falling it syncs. Its really cool.

Is that true? Because I'd love to try it out.
ive heard that Pink Floyd's "Echoes" syncys up with part of 2001:A Space Oddessy, but im not sure which part
the begining of clockwork orange fits perfectly with pink floyds atom heart mother because Stanley Kuberick originally wanted that to be the intro, but when pink floyd saw the movie they wanted nothing to do with it.

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