Loads of people on this website say this is a good song to practice fingerpciking so:

I want to learn how to play this song but i dont understand how this tab works. The picking part doesnt seem long enough for the whole song. Do i just keep on repeating the picking part the whole song except for the solo? What is the strumming thing?

Heres the tab: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs...he_wind_tab.htm

Any help is appreciated
Dust in the wind is how I learned to fingerpick. good stuff here.

The picking through the variations of the A and C chords pretty much dominates the entire song. Basically you have to get down the picking pattern and it just repeats, but with different chords.

The timing on it is: one - and ah two e and ah three - and ah four e and ah. This first pick of each chord lasts 1/8 instead of 1/16 so there is a slight pause in the picking. each chord takes up 2 full beats.