I hate to make a thread similiar to the guy who's played a year, however I just registered here and figured it was a good idea. I've been playing for a week and a half, so I expect I'm mildly advanced compared to the average, but I have no idea how I compare to someone with my experience. I've played the Cello for 10 years before getting the electric guitar (I bought it right after I finished playing Lincoln center, actually), so in theory, I should pick up basics reasonably quickly. However, I dunno any local guitarists, and need to know if I'm on the right track. Note, all of these things are full songs unless otherwise said. And yes, I'm a video-gamer in reguards to music, most of it was easy:

Super Mario theme

Sweet child o' mine intro

Heaven by Los Lonely boys (Only near the intro. I checked for first 2 intervals, then just made it into a makeshift solo. Not really the song, just close)

Knights of Cydonia (All except chords, I haven't learnt chords yet. Yes, includes tremolo picking)

Black Magic woman (Again, no chords. Instead, I improvised some intervals and make-shift mini-solos)

Various random video game songs (Kirby's fountain of dreams, Zelda theme, Super Mario galaxy gusty gardens, Smash Brawl theme)

Halo theme (Non-steve Vai. Amalgamation of my own composition I wrote for an ensemble orchestra, and the original Halo 1 version)

Welcome Home (Coheed and cambria version's intro)

Anarchy in the U.K. (Did the power-chords, skipping roughly 2 chords in the solo)

One (All the way through to the tapping. In specific, right after the first tapping bit. I can do the triplet-esque tapping, but when it does the tapping right after that, I stop)
Chords I can play from memory: C, G, D, E, Maybe A
Basic skills

Alternate Picking
Tremolo Picking
Sweeping (Minimal, and mostly, not very fast)
Basic tapping (I can do one finger, or with Pick)
Bending, vibrato, etc (Things people typically don't think about)

That should be enough to guess. My general goals include Stairway to heaven in the next 3 months, the solos to 'Seize the Day' and 'Live and Learn' in the next 5, and Cliffs of Dover in the next 6. I practice about 3 hours a day minimum, and any more is just screwing around. If anyone needs a video, I can probably do a Skype convo, minus amp (Too long a walk to carry it)
are you playing guitar for yourself or for somebody else? cause if you're playing for yourself, you should be satisfied no matter where u stand as far as playability. And to add another thing, music is subjective in the sense that each player goes with it the way they want to.. some people love rhythm and take that route, some people want to shred and take that route- etc.
make sure youre playing for yourself is all i can say

You have been playing for only a week and a half and you can already sweep. My friend, you are either one bad*ss lying SOB or you are the next prodigy.

ya your definitely lying you cant even have time to play all that in a week and a half.
Do NOT look behind you.
No one can tell you how good you are over the internet.
The guitar is about music and sound, not textual explainations.
Been away, am back