I decided to go big on the amp this time. Selling the old behringer 60w to a dumb friend of mine, and getting something really nice that will hopefully be the last amp i buy.

I have a Ashdown MAG 600H, 575W RMS.

Now I want a cab for it. Apparantly you need one of these 'cabs' for the other dilly to work.
I was thinking a 410 cab. What is better say you can get a Fender Bassman, a Gallien Kruger Goldline(aluminum cone), or a Peavey? All the same price, etc.




Or would it be better to just get an ampeg 115? Is there something better for it that i am missing?
Well your head puts out 575 at 4 ohms. If you want an understanding of that go to the FAQ.

So I think you should get an 8 ohm cab, because it'll let you expand with a 1x15 or 1x18 at a later date. Some companies you should look at are Avatar and Carvin. They sell directly via their respective websites so you won't find them at Guitar Center or Musiciansfriend.
yeah these are all 8ohm, I like those Avatars, very nice looking 410s, costs a little more due to shipping but might be worth it.
You can actually get a Carvin 410 for less than any of those options and a great deal more power handling than any of those to boot. Out of those three alone the Fender is your best bet. Definitely not the Goldline, whatever you do though.
I've seen a lot of Ashdown heads paired with Peavey cabs and they sounds lovely and full. That's what I'd go for!
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Yeah i think i am going to go with the carvin 410. Is that 800w power handling it says the RMS or peak? either way it is higher than the peavey and fender.