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---I lost my dog
To the voice of the sea---

I watched when he came into life, I watched him grow healthy,
And I watched the salt cling to his fur and his head sink too heavy
As he struggled towards the silent pull, eyes yearning at the sky;
Like stars; bright, fearful, and lovely, letting out a happy cry.

He was buried beneath the summer sand later in the day,
After I saved his bones and perfect skin from the unmoving slates of gray;
But laying there, wind at his chest, he looked to be okay.

There was no pain within his eyes, just hopeful mirrors of my face,
Open and loving, and wishing I was where he was, wishing I was
with who he was with and kissing who he has kissed.
I don’t believe in angels but I believed in this:
The incredible happiness within our lips as the sand did fill his mouth
And I licked him goodnight, and I held his head so goddamn tight,
That I was sure he would remember me.

---Paint this world---

It's a clever move, you gotta move, like when you're movin' my heart,
Light it up, baby, like a thought in the dark
You're good for the part, but let's put it together now,
Put it together now,
You get your canvas, I'll get my guitar,
You paint a picture, I'll play for your art.

Because you could take this world, turn it upside down,
And it would be wonderful, to walk on the sky
Then flip it back over, to fall from Heavens,
Spin it backwards, we might turn back time,
Cos as it stands, we've witnessed it blind,
Keep the seasons the same, but change the weather we see,
Do something, don't fight, so people don't bleed.
The rich stand in line with the people need,
So lend out a hand, for another to breathe.
Blue destroys White.
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