So today I went to a Flea market (swap o rama, etc) and I found an old(or at least unused ) Dean markey overlord classic tube pedal and I bought it cause the seller was selling it for $15.I went home and I tried it out but it sounded all fuzzy. Is it because it hasn't been used for awhile and therefore the tube hasn't been used?Any information would be helpful.
New tube perhaps? Look at the tube and if it's frosted over, get a new one.
also check inside the pedal to make sure the enclosure is properly grounded
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I opened it and everything was wired right and grounded. The Tube on the other hand looked like a cheap no brand tube. It was frosted abit near the forks(or whatever they are called). I will mot likely change the tube. Anyone have a rough estimate for the cost of a 12A7xA tube?
10 bucks for a good 12AX7.
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