I have an amp from an old attempt to up volume on my cello. I now use it as an electric guitar amp, but it can't really do any effects, like distortion, heavy metal sound, or the like. What should I get? As well, which of these two things should I get, distort, or better amp?
you should get a zoom 606 pedal. It has everything (distortion, fuzz, 7-string simulation, chorus, flange, phaser, tremolo simulation, wah, volume switch, and lots more!) it's pretty cheap nowadays, but you'll be hard pressed to find one. The 606 model has been discontinued. check ebay
If your looking for an amp with effects and all that fancy stuff i would look at some line six amps. I dont know what your price range is so i cant really recommend anything for you.
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I'd suggest a better amp. Don't worry about pedals until you're comfortable with a base tone. Otherwise you're just slapping a poster over a hole in the wall, so to speak. Sure, if you're unhappy with your tone, you can get a pedal, but the problem is a lot of people end up using it as a crutch for their playing, rather then as a tool to get a desired tone.

Personally, I'd avoid Line 6. A lot of people seem to like them as starter amps, but if you're going for a stack you can get more bang for your buck then any of the Line 6 models offer IMHO (I've heard the combos are pretty chinsy too). I'd say shop around. Look at Fender, Randall, Marshall, and Crate amps. You know best what you're looking for and in what price range, so start there. Amps are pretty much a personal preference, sit down and play on a few until you find a couple that give you the tone you're looking for. Once you find a couple that pique your interest, look em up on musician's friend, google, or ask in the gear section on this forum (or do all 3). An educated decision will rarely let you down.
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