Hi, I was planning to buy a macbook next month and a cable that lets me plug-in my guitar on the macbook to record stuff.

I was reading some older posts and I noticed some recordingprograms for PC, can you guys help me find a -good and up to date- program to create my own loops and riffs on PC? Or is the best option to buy a mac?

Also, is there a small adapter for Guitar->Cable->PC ?
Similar to http://store.apple.com/se/product/T9106VC/A?mco=MTUxMjU#overview

Thanks in advance

Edit: Swedish apple store site, look at the picture
I think macs are overpriced and I personally dont like the layout of the UI...

You can do a lot with a PC as well as a MAC but being a fan of a PC I tend to stick with that.

When it comes to linking your instruments to the computer you should get an audio interface. What's your budget?

Interfaces range from around $50 and can sell as high as a few thousand dollars.
I love my MAC; never had a crash that caused me to loose a track yet. (Knock on wood).
While plugging direct in sounds good on a Macbook - even with Garageband which comes with it, I'd recommend using a pre-amp interface. There's a few available that work with USB or Firewire.
However, if you want to use professional studio programs, you are going to need a PowerMac and spend a lot of coin.

I don't consider myself a "MAC" or "PC" person, I have one of each and probably always will. I prefer one over the other for different things. Music is something I prefer the MAC for.