This is something I came up with when I was a little out of my mind. This song (poem? I don't know what to call it) is loosely based on Carl Jung's concept of the Shadow. Be as mean as you want to, I know this needs a lot of toning up.

The dark silhouette behind me moves closer to meaning
Shadow, not just a dark aspect to my being
Well worth the effort, nobility no easy task
Masking the qualities of inferiority onto me

Do you feel uncomfortable?
Owning a part of my shadow
Repulsive element surrounds
Repeating my patterns
Persona hides all fault
Mask denies change
My shadow won’t change
Nothing will change

Tell me there’s a reason
For my shadow wishing
To become a part of me
What am I missing?
Shadow overcomes me
Eyelids fluttering to see

A ghost or a stranger?
The feeling is neither
Only a collection of
Beside me in this

Once the shadow becomes me
The facade of one
Will be established
Once we were none
Now we are one
Now we are one
Now we are one

I actually repeated "Now we are one" about 40 times when I wrote this out... it was a little creepy reading over it.